Your Name on a Grain of Rice

For as much as things have changed, they have really stayed the same. There is no other place that exemplifies this then our state fairs and ocean boardwalks.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Santa Monica Pier. As I walked down the magnificent structure that extends hundreds of feet into the ocean, I was struck by the crowds that surrounded many of the booths that lined the pier. In this modern day one would think that the gatherings of mostly young people would be for the latest technological gadget made my Apple, but as I approached one of the crowded booths I was schocked to see that the interest was for “Your Name on a Grain of Rice.” Yep, that was it!!

Today’s youth is the most technically advanced generation EVER; they are practically born with cell phones attached to their ears, so it felt good to know that with all the things in this world to be amazed with, they can still be in awe of a novelty that has been around for decades.

I guess that is why cotton candy and candy apples will always be popular!!!

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