My affair with bungee cords

Please don’t tell my dog, but I have truly found man’s best friend…the bungee cord. Oh sure their are those who swear by duct tape or are super glue enthusiasts, but to them I say “bungee cords rule”. To me there is no other device that works quite like a bungee cord. It can expand, it can hook, it can wrap , and most of all it can secure.
I will give you an example, in 1996 I bought my first ever “new” riding mower. It was a beauty, a Sears Craftsman 42 inch cut with a 20 hp Briggs and Stratton engine, I was in heaven. Now if you are an owner of a Sears riding mower you quickly learn one thing, the grass compartment top never fits quite securely, consequently as you mow, a small steady stream of grass blows out the back of your mower and back on to the lawn.

So whats a poor anal lawn man to do? Call Sears to try and get it fixed? No they will just tell you that you are nuts and charge you $89.99 to do so. Try to fix it your self?? No that will just make it worse and end up costing you another $89.99.

Quite simply the answer is to do what any other red blooded American male would do……jerry rig it with something laying around in the garage. The first thing your average Mr. fix-it would reach for is duct tape, but as you will soon find out, I’m not your average fix-it guy. I knew right away that a bungee cord was the answer. Like the Wright brothers trying to get their plane off the ground or Orville Redinbacher working to find that perfect corn to pop, I knew I had a challenge on my hands….what size bungee to use? Oh of course their was some anxious moments, but after a few adjustments and some quick thinking, I had the bungee cord fitting like it was part of the original parts of the machine.

For 11 years that bungee cord served me well, in fact that bungee cord out lasted the machine it self. When I sold the old Sears, I didn’t have the heart to give the bungee cord away with it. Like a pet that has been by your side through good and bad, that bungee cord served me well. So instead of sending it along with the mower to the new owner, I kept the bungee cord in a place were it can be honored and remembered……hanging on a nail in my shed. Thanks old friend, you wont be soon forgotten.

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1 Response to My affair with bungee cords

  1. Posky says:

    Bungie cords can do anything. If you have a survival pack, it’s basically the only thing you need to put into it.

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