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The Politics of Broccoli

Broccoli, poor broccoli, along with its sidekick spinach, nothing says “I’m not eating it” like this mop-topped vegetable. For decades, parents have been struggling with their children to take “at least one bite” of their vegetable. Years ago broccoli was … Continue reading

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My affair with bungee cords

Please don’t tell my dog, but I have truly found man’s best friend…the bungee cord. Oh sure their are those who swear by duct tape or are super glue enthusiasts, but to them I say “bungee cords rule”. To me … Continue reading

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What are your patience buttons?

What are your patience buttons As I get older I am finding my “patience” tolerance has moved up the “how much more can I take” scale. Baby’s crying, bad drivers, 8:30 at night solicitations from so called non profits (and … Continue reading

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If you send me $5000 I will give you $10 Million

At least two or three times a week I receive an e-mail from someone in a foreign country letting me know that unbeknownst to me $960 million dollars is sitting in an account waiting just for me….tell me if you … Continue reading

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